Welcome to the International Integrated Resort Management programme at the University of Macau. The International Integrated Resort Management (IIRM) group, formerly Hospitality and Gaming Management (HGM), is a unique academic group within the Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau. We offer a Bachelor of Science in International Integrated Resort Management, a Master of Science in International Integrated Resort Management, and a PhD in Business Administration with specialization in Hospitality and Gaming Management.

Our programmes are purposefully designed to prepare our students for a long-lasting and rewarding career in Macao and in any organizations worldwide. As part of the program, many of our students take part in summer training and overseas study trips (e.g. to Las Vegas, Houston, Hawaii and/or Seoul). Our students are also given the opportunities to undertake internships with organizations within Macao and participate in exchange programs
with our partner universities globally.

Our faculty come from very diverse and international backgrounds. Many of them have practical international working and teaching experiences, as well as sound research abilities. They are frequently interviewed by local and international media on important issues related to Macao, tourism, and gaming.

Please do read through our website to know more and contact us if you have any enquiry.

Thank you very much!

Yours Sincerely,

Prof. Rose Liu

Acting Programme Director of International Integrated Resort Management Programme

Faculty of Business Administration

University of Macau